Interconnect Operational Evaluation

Typically, GPNW is asked to evaluate an operator's current business and system capabilities in interconnect, and to evaluate the gap between these capabilities and those needed to compete in a fully deregulated environment .

GPNW then provides the executive with a clear statement of the operator's major interconnect problems and challenges. This interconnect 'health check' provides the executive with visibility of often hidden issues and provides valuable information about how to progress key interconnect projects such as:

  • introduction of new interconnect products and services,
  • system upgrades, and
  • business re-organizations.

Our paramount concern is to identify for the operator areas where the operator is losing interconnect revenue, and / or is unable to account accurately for its interconnect costs. Typically this analysis is based on reviewing his current agreements, monthly settlement processes and accounts, identifying areas of unaccountable interconnect costs and revenues. If necessary, GPNW will produce a Request For Quotation or System Specification to support any system procurement process.

We also give detailed recommendations on how the operator can structure his organization, based on a business ownership model that efficiently integrates various departmental operations, including Commercial/Regulatory Affairs, Finance, Revenue Assurance, Network Operations and I.T. This model requires efficiency and flexibility as the international regulatory environment offers more complex and rapidly changing interconnect services and agreements.

We strongly recommend clients to perform such a 'health check' before embarking on system upgrades. It is important that any new systems solutions are delivered into an appropriate business environment, where bad business practices are not imposed on new systems.


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