Interconnect Business Modeling

To run an efficient and stable interconnect business, preparing a sound business environment is as important as preparing a sound IT environment.

GPNW deploys proven methodologies that have been extremely successful in preparing new business environments. These methodologies ensure that the interconnect agreements, the nature of the work done, the corporate structure and the systems functionality are all used to define organizational models and resource roles.

Our methodology is targeted at establishing efficient and accountable ownership of the entire interconnect business. This is often not clear in many organizations since interconnect is a highly cross-functional business.

We deliver the following valuable documents:

  • An operational handbook that documents ownership of all interconnect-related business processes. This acts as a management troubleshooting tool, which can be used to reference and diagnose any business process failure or inefficiency.
  • A detailed Business Ownership Model that defines the areas responsible for:
    • Starting
    • Managing
    • Performing , and signing-off all interconnect related business processes.

A detailed role definitions and task assignments for resources involved in the interconnect business. This information provides recruitment job descriptions, and performance metrics suitable for staff performance monitoring.


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