Cross-Functional Business Training

GPNW has created the 'Understanding Your Interconnect Business' course to address the needs of telecoms operators trying to develop sound, cross-function interconnect skills within the organization. It provides:

  • an end-to-end explanation of the interconnect business function,
  • an understanding of how interconnect is supported by different systems, network elements and business areas, and
  • an appreciation of interconnect's commercial importance to the business.

Interconnect business is one of the largest sources of operational revenues and costs for a telecom operator.

Bringing control and accountability to the interconnect process can provide significant financial improvements.

Approach To Learning

The course is based on a series of 6 units, delivered over 2 or 3 days. Each unit consists of a lesson presented by an expert instructor, followed by a question & answer session aimed at tying in the course material with specific operational experience.

All instructors have at least 10 years experience in telecommunications. They have practical experience in implementing business organizations, billing systems and revenue assurance models to support interconnect businesses in Europe, North America and South America.


Unit 1. Commercial Overview

  • The role of interconnect in a company's business operations, costs and revenues.
  • Interconnect's relationship to subscriber and roamer billing.

Unit 2. Industry Overview

  • Overview of the current telecoms marketplace.
  • A brief history of deregulation.
  • The free sale and purchase of interconnect services.
  • What deregulation trends mean for operators.

Unit 3. Basic Services

  • Principal interconnect services, common variations and routing principles.
  • Telecoms network topography and how it supports interconnect agreements.
  • How to analyze interconnect agreements.

Unit 4. Organizational Context

  • The Role of IT in Interconnect
  • The Role of Network Engineering...
  • The Role of Finance / Revenue Assurance...
  • The Role of other organizations...

Unit 5. Processing for Interconnect

  • Key IT components of interconnect processing.
  • Principles of interconnect call pricing.
  • Common exceptions and complications.
  • Principles of Periodic Interconnect Billing.
  • Methods of settlement and reconciliation.
  • The importance of precise interconnect agreements.
  • Understanding the General Ledger.
  • Reporting…

Unit 6. Revenue Assurance for Interconnect

  • How Revenue Assurance can make you more profitable
  • Case studies of revenue loss
  • Assessing risk and controls in your revenue streams
  • Implement reasonable control at a reasonable cost
  • Actual Case studies and models of successful implementations
  • How to "sell" it to senior leadership.

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