Verizon • USA
Verizon • Dominican Republic
  Orange • Switzerland
Orange • UK

Trinidad & Tobago
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  SwissFone • USA
  Centennial Communications • USA
  3 (Hutchison) • Italy
3 (Hutchison) • UK

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Centennial Communications
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3 Italy
  T-Mobile • Czech Republic   UMC • Ukraine
  TELUS • Canada  
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  Telefónica Móviles Colombia • Colombia
Telcel • Venezuela

  Oceanic Digital • Jamaica   MTel • Nigeria  
  ONE • Austria
  O2 • Ireland      

GPNW clients run a variety of networks including:
  • 2G wireless technologies such as GSM and TDMA
  • 2.5G and 3G wireless technologies such as GPRS, CDMA and UMTS
  • Switched circuit inter-carrier long distance operations
  • Various local access networks
GPNW is familiar with the business, operational, network and IT issues surrounding the delivery of service in these environments. GPNW has worked with many clients to model new approaches to integrating the settlement practices of IP, data, roaming and voice services
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